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In the dark of the ocean, some animals have evolved to use bioluminescence as a defense. In the animation above, an ostracod, one of the tiny crustaceans seen flitting near the top of the tank, has just been swallowed by a cardinal fish. When threatened, the ostracod ejects two chemicals, luciferin and luciferase, which, when combined, emit light. Because the glow would draw undesirable attention to the cardinal fish, it spits out the ostracod and the glowing liquid and flees. Check out the full video clip over at BBC News. Other crustaceans, including several species of shrimp, also spit out bioluminescent fluids defensively. (Image credit: BBC, source video; via @amyleerobinson)







A Texas man is under arrest after gunning down a SWAT team member as the officer quietly tried to climb in through the apartment’s window during predawn hours.
Police State USAreports  that a resident fatally shot Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie as the officer climbed in through a ground level window as part of a “no knock” raid. The officers were there due to suspicion that residents were in possession of controlled substances.
Upon hearing a noise, resident Marvin Louis Guy, 50, opened fire on the unidentified officers, shooting three others as well, although only one fatally.
Guy is currently being held on capital murder charges in connection with Dinwiddie’s death, even though it’s unclear how Guy was supposed to know that the men crawling in through the window were police officers since they hadn’t identified themselves.
The evidence sheet lists a laptop, a safe, a pistol, and a glass pipe, but no drugs were found. Given the evidence, why did police deem it necessary to seek a “no knock” warrant and why did a judge sign off on it?
Very little is known about Mr. Guy, but Dinwiddie left behind two children, all because his SWAT team went creeping into a home where the residents didn’t even have any drugs. Is that the best use of law enforcement tax dollars?
Guy’s bond has been set at $3 million dollars.

Thank you lieutenantnorals!

"cop breaks and enters with state approval, gets his ass shot"

brah………………. BRUV……………………..

this happened in Texas where it is perfectly legal to shoot and kill someone who is breaking into your home

Literally everybody knows that in Texas you can open fire on someone who comes onto your property without permission. What in the hell did they expect??

Where the NRA at? In the largest pro-gun state of Texass, those second amendment rights only apply if you’re white.

Oh no stand your ground for the homie right???? NO STAND YOUR GROUND FOR THE HOMIE RIGHT????!????!!!!



I may be boring and useless, but I will never be as boring and useless as Winston from New Girl.


When I returned from the physical shock of Nagasaki, which I have described in the first page of this book, I tried to persuade my colleagues in governments and in the United Nations that Nagasaki should be preserved exactly as it was then. I wanted all future conferences on disarmament, and on other issues which weigh the fates of nations, to be held in that ashy, clinical sea of rubble. I still think as I did then, that only in this forbidding context could statesmen make realistic judgements of the problems which they handle on our behalf. Alas, my official colleagues thought nothing of my scheme; on the contrary, they pointed out to me that delegates would be uncomfortable in Nagasaki.
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We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.
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Piece from a series I created as part of a partnership with CBS Films. Its based on their new film “What If” starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan - playing in select cities. Here’s the trailer:




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Yep. A real thing. And one of their reasons was, essentially, because they don’t want employers -not- hiring women because they fear lawsuits from not paying them fair wages.
Can’t make that up.



i still get a lot of ?s about hand making comics so here’s a little step by step of my tedious process in case you were ever curious

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“One question: are you here ‘cause you need someone, or ‘cause you need me? Forget it, I don’t care.”
Say Anything (1989)
Anonymous: "I'm guessing you're black and have serious issues, most likely stemming from that fact that you're poor, and have to make fun of those whom are better than you. Yes, we wear red short, really though who gives a fuck. And guess what douchebag that's the point. By wear these ridiculous shorts it's a straight fuck you to people like yourself who 1) can't afford them, 2) have major self-esteem issues so you over extend in your efforts to look "cool." and 3) is jealous of the wealthy. Sucks to suck"


You feel sooo attacked by this one blog that you come up in my inbox with actual racist classist bullshit

But we the douchebags?